Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lesson #29 Health

In case anyone out there is planning a lesson on the Lord's Law of Health or just wants to read up on the lesson beforehand, I have gather together the articles that I liked for this lesson. They all come from my searches on the LDS website.
First the actual lesson: The Lord's Law of Health
"The Word of Wisdom:The Principle and the Promises" by President Boyd K. Packer. President Packer always says things in a way that makes you get it- at least for me.

"Staying Healthy: Welfare Services Services Suggest How" This is a Q & A.
"The Energy Drink Epidemic" This was an article in the Ensign that talks about the effects of caffeine on the body instead of just coffee and tea.
"Cancer, Nutrition, and the Word of Wisdom" This is a doctor's perspective so I don't know if you could really use it in class but it gives you some interesting perspectives and points.
"Observing the Word of Wisdom" This is another lesson but it is from the Heber J. Grant manual. He spoke about the Word of Wisdom so much people kept asking him to stop which only made him talk about it more. I find this lesson a good compilation of things that he said about the importance and value of the Word of Wisdom.
Addiction Recovery Program- This is a helpful site for anyone with addictions including alcohol, drugs, and overeating.
Physical Health- This is a link to Provident Living. It explains why its important and has several other links to other articles, quotes, and helps.

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