Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gospel Principles Chapter 37: Family Responsibilites

Hooray for Families!  Here's the link for the lesson. And now for some recommended articles:

 "The Importance of Family" by Elder L. Tom Perry- Points out all the church resources available for families to draw on to strengthen their own families as well as the little things we should be doing to build strong gospel center homes and families.
"Happiness in Family Life"- This is a whole webpage dedicated to the topic via lds.org.  It has several topics outlined and recommended articles.
"Parental Leadership in the Family" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks- Obviously focuses on the roles of parents to lead their family, specifically making sure we are making the time and sacrifices necessary for our families.
"The Sacred Responsibilities of Parenthood" by Elder M. Russell Ballard- While it has some good points for the previous lesson on Eternal Families, it also goes into talking about Mothers and Fathers roles specifically.
"What Matters Most is What Lasts Longest" by Elder M. Russell Ballard- Hold fast to the Family Proclamation just like Moroni's Title of Liberty.  Put family first.

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