Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gospel Principles Chapter 39: The Law of Chastity

The Law of Chastity is often a sensitive topic but its importance needs to be emphasized so much today.  Here are my top picks of talks as well as some helpful websites linked to  As always, the talks are either prophets or apostles or from General Conference.  Hope you find some that help!  Good luck!

"Sexual Purity"- This is the website page that discusses this section in the For the Strength of Youth booklet.  There are links to videos, Mormonads, and other articles here that are geared for the youth.
"Personal Purity" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland- He focuses on the why- why is it so important, why is the church so strict, etc. He also says, "One who uses the God-given body of another without divine sanction abuses the very soul of that individual, abuses the central purpose and processes of life."
"The Law of Chastity" by President Ezra Taft Benson- It is better to "prepare and prevent than to repair and repent." President Benson gives steps for single and married people to obey the law of chastity. He also lists steps to follow if you have broken this law.   
"A Tragic Evil Among Us" by President Gordon B. Hinckley- Discusses the evil of pornography.
"We Believe in Being Chaste" by President Marion G. Romney- A short message giving the scriptural examples of Joseph vs. David.
"Combating Pornography"- This is the website that LDS Family Services put up for those looking for a way out of their addiction as well as those that have a loved one that is addicted.  There are links to several articles talking against pornography, a link to the 12 step book in overcoming addictions, as well as support links for spouses or parents, etc.
"Law of Chastity"- A video of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints saying why we believe in the law of chastity and the blessings that come because of it.  They are some that are married and some that are single in this video.
"Chastity: What Are the Limits?"- This is a video on the LDS Youth site that goes over the For the Strength of Youth.  I like the drawings and if there are lots of parents in your class, this might be a good one to show.
"Helping Those Who Struggle with Same-Gender Attraction" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland- God loves all His children including those who struggle with this challenge.  There are ways to help.
"Same Gender Attraction" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks- Gender is an essential characteristic prior to our birth on earth.  Explains gospel doctrines related to our stance on the issue and application and the responsibilities associated with them.

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