Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gospel Principles Chapter 42: The Gathering of the House of Israel

Getting towards the end of the manual here.  Chapter 42 can be found here and hopefully, these are some helpful links to a few good talks to help you on your way.  Good luck!

"The Gathering of the Scattered Israel" by Elder Russell M. Nelson- We don't just teach this; we participate in it- on both sides of the veil.

"Building Zion" by Elder Bruce R. McConkie- Talks about the different parts of the gathering and emphasizes our part.
"Guide to the Scriptures"- This is the brief description of the gathering and the scripture references broken up by topic of the gathering.
"Come: Let Israel Build Zion" by Elder Bruce R. McConkie- This one is a little similar to his above but breaks up the phases of the gathering more.

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