Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Now that Christmas is closer in view I thought I'd share some ideas for stocking stuffers. The stocking was always my favorite part of Christmas morning because it just kept on going and it was full of fabulous stuff! I would love to fill ours now with great stuff, however, I have a limited budget and I do NOT want junk in there. I figure if its going to go in the stocking it needs to serve a purpose for the most part (there will be candy and maybe one or two junk items- meaning it will be forgotten/broken in less than a day or two). So here are some of my and others ideas:

Tooth items- The super cool toothbrush or flossers that Mom will never buy because its too expensive especially since you are going to get free ones at the dentist later.
Socks- Fun and silly ones to make you smile or any that are much desired.
Craft goodies- Sparkly glitter foam stickers, pom poms, wooden things, paints, model airplanes, etc. Hobby Lobby is great for this one especially when you use their 40% off coupon (you can print one from their website or look for it in the Sunday paper) or other great sales.
Cards- Using snail mail can be fun still! There are usually lots of promotions with companies for 10 free cards so you could try a whole bunch until you find your favorite company. I love Shutterfly myself. They have good prices, great promotions, and high quality products. You can put your childs picture on the card and make it silly or serious. Great for Thank You card reminders too.
Calendar- My kids love crossing off the days until their next big thing. I'll probably make these at home due to my budget and wanting them personalized but calendars at the photo sites and stores are fun too. I used to always get a daily calendar (the ones you tear off). I loved it- especially when it was the Far Side.
Lime/Lemon/Orange- We always get the lime in toe and Dad makes them into a drink later that day.
Flashlights- My kids are always asking for these. The other ones get broken, lost, and who knows what else. I like putting in the small ones for reading lights.
Batteries- Maybe they go with something else in the stocking (like the flashlight) or maybe its a hint to something else Santa brought.
Hair accessories- Gel, bows, glitter.
Razors- One of my favorites because I buy my favorite kind that costs more so I don't usually get it.
Books- The Scholastic book orders from school are great for this one since there is always some book for $1 and lots for 2 or 3. Plus owning your very own book really increases the chance your child is going to want to read it and love it.
Playdoh- Easy to make (add some peppermint or other scent for that Santa touch) or buy and if you are like us, its always nice to get a fresh batch of individual colors again.
Any other splendid ideas? I'd love to read what you do.

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