Monday, January 16, 2012

Great Game for Little Ones

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you what I made this year and not ruin the surprise for others.  One of my favorites is what I call, "The Super Splendid Dice Game."  Its a good game to start playing with little ones since lots of rules and waiting isn't their forte. 

All I did was make a dice out of cloth squares and stuffing as well as some paper game cards.  I made the dice soft since its for little kids and mine is a boy (keep those injuries to a minimum) plus it could be bigger this way.  There are 5 categories for this game; the 6th side of the dice being wild.  They are "Pretending," "Seek and Find," "Sounds," "Songs," and "Actions."  I only made 10 cards for each category.  I printed out coloring book style pictures from clip art programs that I have but also used the free clip art from Microsoft a fair bit and tried to personalize it as much as possible.  For example, I know my son loves firetrucks so I made sure that one of the categories included something about one.  My children colored all the pictures then I glued them on to heavier colored paper and laminated the cards (you could even use contact paper).  I ended up including a song book as well just in case. I put everything in some extra baby wipe containers that we have and pasted on the name of the game and rules.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Its just a bit time consuming with all the coloring and cutting (I cut out the clip art pictures then the paper I pasted them onto then the laminated version.  You could streamline it by printing the clip art onto colored heavy paper but then your coloring doesn't look as great). 
The dice (each side being about 3 inches)

My children love playing this game.  My 2 year old takes his turn a lot but everyone can still play because you aren't racing to the end.  You just cheer each other or have fun doing their activity too.  I make the activities more difficult for my older ones (my oldest is 7) so its still lots of fun for everyone. 
Here are the cards that I used:
    Sounds- Laugh!, Make a sound like a truck, Crow like a rooster, Sound like a bell, Clap, Gobble like a turkey, Make train sounds, Roar like a lion, Make a fire engine sound, Sound like a dinosaur.
(Example for increased difficultly: Clap in a pattern and have us repeat it or vice versa; Play follow the leader while roaring like a lion)
    Songs- Hinges, Once There was a Snowman, Row row row your boat, Baa baa black sheep, Book of Mormon Stories, I'm a Little Teapot, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Smiles, The Wheels on the Bus.
(Example for increased difficulty: Sing more than one verse, play an instrument as well, do the actions or make new ones)
    Seek & Find- Find the vacuum (a favorite toy in my house even though its not a toy), Find and stand next to a door, Find a book, Find a clock, Find something in the shape of..., Find something with the color..., Find a fruit or vegetable, Discover a musical instrument, Find something with wheels, Find an animal.
(Increased difficulty example: Find a clock and tell us the time or Stand next to the door and knock out a rhythm)
   Pretending- Pretend to brush your teeth, Pretend to bounce a ball, Pretend to be an airplane, Pretend to be a duck, Pretend to drive a car, Pretend to be a frog, Pretend to be asleep, Pretend to ride a horse, Pretend to be a penguin, Pretend to be a bunny.
(Increased difficulty example: Pretend to drive a car around the footstool, under the bench, and park behind the chair)
   Action- Walk backwards, Color (or draw) a picture, Call someone on the phone (pretend), Share a toy, Do a cheer, Build a tower, Put on a part of a costume, Do a fun dance, Do a puzzle, Turn on and off the lights.
(Example of increased difficulty- Get the phone and show us how to dial our phone number or an emergency number [with the phone off] or Hop backwards on one foot)

This game is great to play with grandparents or even at a toddler party.  Have fun with it!  We sure do!

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  1. brilliant!! my kids make kid games for Youth Fair - we are going to have to try this one!

  2. I''m glad I could help. Let me know how it goes at the Youth Fair.


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