Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homework Games

Isn't it so frustrating when your child doesn't want to do homework?  I agree completely.  To make reviewing material a little less annoying, I try to make up as many games as possible that get them practicing the activity without really noticing or more so minding so much.  Here are a few we do:

Scattergories Phonograms

Get some phongram flash cards and pair it with a Scattergories Dice. You'll want to put your phonograms in alphabetical order for this game.  Roll the dice then show a phonogram flash card that starts with that letter.  If you get a star, the child gets to pick with phonogram to do.  If you can a letter with all the phonograms already done, you get to pick which one to practice.  So far, this one has worked great when they are more hesitant because the dice is so much fun to roll.

Phonogram and Numbers Signs

When we are in the car, we look at all the signs around us.  I give each child a specific task.  One might need to look for two letter phonograms or more, one tells me the sounds of the first phonogram in the sign, one tells me all double digit numbers, one needs to add the two numbers together, etc.  Its always more fun with a little I Spy.

Geography Anytime

I keep this map up in our Reading Center all the time.  Its a shower curtain with a cloth one behind to use as a curtain.  We reference this anytime a location comes up in conversation, in movies, TV shows, books, etc.  You might see a rectangle on the map right now.  That's a cut out of a Cars 2 location.  We mapped out all the places Lightening McQueen raced.

ABC's on the Wall

I love this pocket chart.  I bought it on clearance at a teacher's store last year.  It is fabulous.  (Don't have one? Line a piece of cardboard with duct tape then make pockets out of clear packing tape)  I printed out alphabet cards- mine came from a book but you could just use a fancy font and print then laminate.  I will put them out sometimes in a mixed up order and don't even have to say anything.  Someone will come by and fix it and usually get everyone else involved too.  Sometimes we use the letters when practicing our spelling words or phonograms too.  Just doing things different everyday helps. I also do this with numbers for math problems.

Lego Sentences

These are blocks that we had that didn't go with the majority of the others we had so I repurposed them with labels and words.  I've seen them with just letters on them too to build words.  The small yellow ones I like because you can put a label on every side, the others I use the two sides.  Then my kids can build sentences, stories, etc.  I can give them specifics like use an adjective, subject noun, and pronoun or they can build a sentence and tell me the parts.  Of course, my youngest still uses them to just build. My older ones like that because then the sentences come out really silly and they get a good laugh.
The blocks can be a fun gift too!

One last way is using window markers.  Crayola makes some that work well.  I have my kids spellings lists on a clip that they can study every morning at breakfast by themselves (I actually have two lists on one thing so 2 can study at a time- they usually end up testing each other which is a nice bonus).  Then I'll take the list and have them write the words on a window.  Another bonus: they clean the windows when they are done because I'll give them some free drawing time too.
Hope that helps!  Do you have any other great ideas?  I'd love to read them!

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