Thursday, July 11, 2013

Freeze Left Out Toys

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that gets a little of tired of toys left out.  Well, I was also tired of the punishments that followed since obviously it works so well.  So when I saw them out again, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to freeze them.  Since its Super Hero month at our house, it would give them a change to rescue their toys plus get them off my floor.  Here's why I liked it so much:

1. They did notice they were missing in the morning but couldn't find them.

  2. They had to finish their chores before I would reveal their location.

3. It kept them busy for another 1/2 hour just digging them out of the ice (we used squirt guns to melt the ice and some squirt bottles).

4. Because they worked so hard for their toys, they played with them that much longer!

5. Because it did take that long, they really don't want to do it again- well, at least not everyday.  It was pretty fun to squirt them out but its not something you want to do every single time.

6. I didn't have to yell, punish, or give a disappointed look in order to give the lesson of putting your toys away.  They learned that all on their own.

So while, yes, I will freeze some toys in the future, the resulting activity is lesson enough and its just another fun activity they can do in the summer time (that leaves the whining, stomping, and complaining out).  I don't think it'll be as fun in the winter though!  Although, I could just build a snow fortress for the toys to be in, right?  Now obviously,  I couldn't do the really big toys or ones that would break if in water but I could do all the little pieces that went with them like the people or cars that went with the big tower or the barbie clothes instead of the doll.

Tips: I had the kids do this activity outside since its nice and warm which helps the ice melt but one wanted to come back in after a little while so I just gave him a big tub to use which worked great.  We also broke a few of the big chunks up into pieces so it was easier (just threw them on the ground to break them) then laid them out on our "tight rope across the Grand Canyon" which was fun but also led to a slightly muddy mess for my little one to play.  While I was fine with that today, its something that I will have to remember for the future.  Also you have to be careful if you do throw blocks on ice onto the ground because you could break your toy instead.  It didn't happen to us but it was something I was careful about.  Also, hot water works faster but regular water works just fine too.  I froze mine in old cheap pie tins (like from frozen pies) and they popped out of those really easy.  I also had to use some bread pans which I needed to run some water under before they popped out.

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