Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Teacher Gift

I ended up using ours as centerpieces for a feast before giving them to the teachers.
I absolutely love the school my children attend. If you ask me about it,  I'll go on and on. It is such a great school. I am so thankful we got in as its a charter school with a wait list. I am constantly trying to give back since its a school I believe in. This year, as room mom, I wanted to show one of my daughter's teacher and tutor how grateful we are for them. I sent two colorful paper feathers home with each child asking the parents to help them write something that they are thankful for about their teacher and tutor (along with the child's name). I told them to decorate it any way they wanted and gave a date I needed them back. We have folders sent home everyday so they could just send an envelope with my daughter's name on it and it would get to me. You could leave a box in the room for the envelopes instead if needed.  I sent a reminder email the day before they were due to ensure that I would get all of them back. I made a point to keep track of whose I had received so as not to leave anyone out.  I then taped each feather to a toothpick and poked them into the end of a butternut squash. 

(Before I slid the feathers down on the toothpicks)
You may have to slide the feather down the toothpick a little so nothing will show once you get it in. Next I cut out a turkey head and taped that to a toothpick and poked it into the opposite end. Voila!  A Thankful Squash Turkey. You could have lots of fun using different types of squash- how great would a turban squash be!  I presented these turkeys to the teachers with the kids saying "Thank You." They loved it and I loved that it was a little different, showed our appreciation,  and they could totally use the squash! This would work great for a neighbor, someone at church, or a friend too.

Gobble, gobble.

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