Thursday, December 12, 2013

Joseph Fielding Smith Introduction and History

Who is ready to start learning about Joseph Fielding Smith?  Just a favor first though.  If you have things that you would like to continue to see or something new, please leave me comment- I'd love to continue to improve and make this the best resource for you possible.  I'm working on a few new things already but I'd love some feedback.  Thanks!
Now on to the History of Joseph Fielding Smith

The Life and Ministry of Joseph Fielding Smith- from the manual (the page before has the major dates outlined).
Joseph Fielding Smith- this is an additional resource the LDS website has on the prophet.  It includes pictures of the prophet throughout his life, famous quotes, other resources to turn to if you want to read more about him, etc.
Joseph Fielding Smith, Tenth President of the Church- This will be somewhat similar to what is in the manual but also a little different.  It also lists a few of the 25 books that President Smith wrote.
Conference Talks- Here is a link to some of the conference talks he gave that the church has available.
Prophet Videos- A video that talks about President Smith's focus on Family Home Evening.  He was the prophet that made it on Monday nights. Its only a minute and half long.

Hope that helps!  Again, please comment with some feedback and hopes of what you want to see for this next year!  Thanks!


  1. Love your relief society post. Don't ever stop! Love to have them at least a month ahead of time

  2. I'd love to them a month ahead of time too. I'm going to try really hard this year to make it happen. I'm working on January's lessons this weekend so they will be up soon. Thanks for the feedback!


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