Gospel Principles

My goal is to provide you with some extra materials that might help you on your teaching journey for the manual "Gospel Principles."  All the talks are from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles or First Presidency from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints unless otherwise noted.  Some may also include church videos.  Please feel free to comment and let me know how helpful these have been.  Happy teaching!

I'm working on going back and doing the rest of the lessons since this manual is used every year.  However, with a newer class, I would definitely only use the articles for 1 or 2 quotes only and really stick to the manual as recommended by the church.  I'll put them up as I go.  Here are the specific lessons with references that I have thus far:

Chapter 1 "Our Father in Heaven"
Chapter 2 "Our Heavenly Family"
Chapter 3 "Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior"
Chapter 4 "Freedom to Choose"
Chapter 5: "The Creation"
Chapter 6: "The Fall of Adam and Eve"
Chapter 7: "The Holy Ghost"
Chapter 8: "Praying to Our Heavenly Father"
Chapter 9: "Prophets of God"
Chapter 10: "Scriptures"
Chapter 11: "The Life of Christ"
Chapter 12: "The Atonement"
Chapter 13: "The Priesthood"
Chapter 14: "Priesthood Organization"
Chapter 15: "The Lord's Covenant People"
Chapter 16: "The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times"
Chapter 17: "The Church of Jesus Christ Today"
Chapter 18: "Faith in Jesus Christ"

No more will be coming as the Church now has links to additional references on all their Gospel Principles Lesson.  Thanks!

Chapter 29 "Health"
Chapter 31 "Honesty"       Handout Honesty 1          Handout Honesty 2
Chapter 32 "Tithes and Offerings"
Chapter 33 "Missionary Work"
Chapter 34 "Developing Our Talents"
Chapter 35 "Obedience"
Chapter 36 "The Family Can Be Eternal"          For Lessons on Family and Marriage
Chapter 37 "Family Responsibilities"
Chapter 38 "Eternal Marriage"
Chapter 39 "The Law of Chastity"
Chapter 40 "Temple Work and Family History"
Chapter 41 "The Postmortal Spirit World"
Chapter 42 "The Gathering of the House of Israel"
Chapter 43 "Signs of the Second Coming"
Chapter 44 "The Second Coming of Jesus Christ"
Chapter 45 "The Millenium"
Chapter 46 "The Final Judgement"
Chapter 47 "Exaltation"